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Sweden comes to Wales for ocean energy scheme


A Swedish energy firm has chosen to set up its UK headquarters in Wales in order to harness raw wave and tidal power, to produce greener energy and create jobs. Minesto has been awarded nearly £10m of European funding to develop a tidal energy scheme using underwater ‘kites’ off the coast of Ho... Continue reading →

We’re taking a ‘light’ break for Whitsun!


It seems we’ve only just returned from the last May bank holiday – and it’s time for another one! Socket Store will be closed on Monday, May 25 for the Whitsun bank holiday, which also marks the start of half term for many schools in the UK. We will reopen on Tuesday 26, where our team will p... Continue reading →

The future’s bright copper at Socket Store!


There’s nothing the Socket Store team loves more than launching a new collection of our favourite things – sockets and switches, of course! So we’re very excited to introduce our brand new range of copper sockets and switches and, what’s more, they are exclusive to us! The gorgeous bright co... Continue reading →

A brief history of LEDs


They are used in everything from televisions and computers to DVDs players and smartphones, as well as helping to create a soothing atmosphere in maternity wards and lighting up messages on drinks bottles! It’s hard to imagine just what we’d do without LEDs, yet they’ve been in existence for a... Continue reading →

Bird aid means lights out for the city that never sleeps!


The bright lights of New York ain’t as bright as they used to be – and it’s all to help migrating birds find their way along the ‘Atlantic Flyway’! Non-essential lights in state-run buildings are to be switched off each autumn and spring to reduce the number of birds killed in a ... Continue reading →

Click and Collect makes life easier for customers


Ever keen to simplify shopping for our customers, Socket Store has a couple of new features that you might want to know about! Following a site upgrade, we now offer a next day delivery upgrade on selected items. At the moment, these include our Contour Brushed Steel plates and the Victorian Antique... Continue reading →

Steel yourself – it’s the graphene light bulb!


It’s 200 times stronger than steel and one million times thinner than human hair – and it could be about to light up your home! We’re talking about graphene, the new wonder material shaking up the world of technology. An LED light bulb made of graphene is to go on sale by the end of the year, ... Continue reading →