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Changing the settings on Varilight V-Pro dimmers


We are regularly asked about our Varilight V-Pro dimmers, so in this week’s blog we explain how to change the settings. These popular dimmers are set to run in trailing edge mode (Mode 1), which is more advanced than leading edge mode and eliminates the buzz some dimmers emit. Trailing edge mode i... Continue reading →

Thermal images turn up heat for energy efficiency


A ‘thermal heat map version of Google Earth’, showing every home in America and using drive-by, heat-sensitive cameras to highlight exactly where homeowners could save energy, could be created under ambitious plans. Start-up technology company Essess has already taken thermal images of more than... Continue reading →

Flagship tidal lagoon scheme could power UK homes


Sea lagoon power could be generating eight percent of the UK’s electricity in a matter of years, if ambitious plans at six sites go ahead. The proposed network of tidal lagoons, including four in Wales and two in England, would be a world first. Energy secretary Ed Davey has said he is “passiona... Continue reading →

Investigation fuels criticism of ‘Big Six’ suppliers


More than nine out of 10 domestic dual fuel customers have missed out on big energy savings by not switching supplier, an independent government department believes. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has released the early findings of an investigation into the energy market and the results... Continue reading →

Brighten up half term with de-light-ful new range!


We’ve never been short on character here at Socket Socket, and now we’ve got even more – cartoon characters, to be precise! These lovely lights, which include Disney favourites Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Sulley and Mike from Monsters Inc, are part of our new children’s range and are just in... Continue reading →

Grid gets rid of historic gas holders


They are a familiar sight throughout Britain, towering above communities as silent reminders of a bygone industrial age. Gas holders, the historic storage containers seen across the landscape, centralised the gas industry and helped bring light to the masses. But these cultural icons are now disappe... Continue reading →

Price still not quite right for many energy payers


Just two weeks ago, the team here at Socket Store was wondering: will domestic energy prices come down? And the answer is, finally, yes, with the last of the ‘Big Six’ energy firms announcing plans to cut gas bills from next month. But the reductions don’t go far enough, say critics, and consu... Continue reading →